Los Angeles, Ca. January 2021.

by Reggie Casagrande

I come from working with brands in streetwear & sneaker culture where we developed a new form of marketing for drop culture. Energy, high touch, or scarcity marketing as it is called is an extension of sports and entertainment marketing and is now becoming more prevalent during a period of extreme digital acceleration. This has been atleast a decade or two in the making. It was before Covid 19, when people talked about shopping online but weren’t forced to do it or use apps to get their groceries for fear of death…

By Reggie Casagrande, October 10, 2020

Los Angeles. As you may have noticed, those with money and influence rarely have to pay for anything. Call it privilege, entitlement, or just living in a world where fame through followers translates into transactional value. Influencers are now celebrities and have become extremely powerful in reaching targeted communities. They trade in a new currency defined by several factors called social capital. Brands want to work with them, followers want to meet them and fans want to be them. …

This story was written and told last year. When i first wrote it, I thought, I’m late in the game to actually write this. But I later realized I was early. As one of the few women in streetwear the industry is just now going mainstream. Being in it for 20 years i thought it had long run its course, that it was just a clothing trend that would become a classic. Now it is a juggernaut that has disrupted the fashion industry and retail and become pervasive across all demographics in youth culture today.

streetwear girls in NYC 2019

You realize to those outside…

Reggie Casagrande

Global Integrated Marketing & Brand Management executive @Ntwrk. I write about youth culture, influencers, collaborations, and streetwear.

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